Songbook REVELATION Lyrics

A very special book by REVELATION

The book shows that Detlef Lisiecki does not write only great song texts and books –
his extraordinary ability to perceive and live music leads the reader
into a
world full of knowledge, discoveries and intensity.

The 125 pages of the book create room for inspiration and reflection,
room to think, feel and dream …

REVELATION Lyrics, a demanding book in a simple and clear language
with a high artistic value.

REVELATION Lyrics – everyone´s book,
if you´re looking for more than only a good book …

The twenty song texts and their intellectual contents are simply a real treat for
mind and soul.

REVELATION Lyrics has a particularly beautiful cover
simply deserves a special place in the domestic book shelf
many thanks to
all who have already confirmed this.

… oh, that reminds me that the book can also be a great gift

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